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  2. Which came first, the problem or the soniutol? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  3. Gandhi used self-imposed hunger strikes to protest British actions or the actions of his followers when they refused to follow his path of truth and nonviolence. When Gandhi went on a hunger strike, the British raj feared that he might die and would give in. Gandhi thus harmed no one in his fight for the truth. (Moderation and justice)

  4. A pinoy 1911 and an AR …….. so I'm not too bad. Then again, clipping a corner actually leaves you with two in its place, just not at right angles. I use that argument all the time with my Man Card, but for some reason it don't work so well. IllTemperedCur

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  6. I have been following with horror the pictures on the news and my mind is with all those people, who are going through hard times right now. I am glad to hear that you and your family are well.We have already donated to the under the heading "Tsunami 2011" and hope that we can better contribute a small part!

  7. I can’t say I like this game either. I was introduced to it by a VERY misogynistic Let’s Player who just ruined the game for me after a few minutes of his banter about boos and Peach getting raped by them. I wanted to kill the guy… (BTW his name is Valis[somenumber] on Youtube if you want to avoid him >_>)So yeah, I wasn’t sold too much on the game before and certainly not now.

  8. sarge,Let me turn the tables on you. We can agree that Koran burning can be considered flagrant. What about other forms of protest? What if merely leaving a Koran out inthe rain would set them off? What about a protest march where people say mohammed is something other than an upstanding citizen? A protest where you say unkind things about Islam?What if any of the above causes them to go nuts? Where is your line?

  9. Hay JJ no me haga eso!!!como me deja sin final… ahora no voy a poder dormir pensando que paso al final… creo que nos vamos a votaciones. Yo digo que los papas se suicidaron y el hijo se cobro los seguros… que corran las apuestas!

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  13. cloud,the SF treaty is also called the Treaty of Peace with Japan.So why should Korea care about that treaty? Even if Korea didn`t “exist” at that time, Korea exists now and existed in 1951 when the SF treaty was finalized and signed by 49 nations.

  14. 16/05/2010 – 11:26pmBueno bueno, de festejo que estamos los cules.La portada de hoy… nefasta, para que decir mas??Alguien me puede decir si ese puntito que a rascado el malga (que ya lo daban por muerto) les sirve? es que no estoy seguro, con respecto a la portada de mañana Goebblaño.Ademas, creo que pondran algo de todos los que van a fichar como han comentado por aqui.Villarato=estafa Saludos anti-marquistas.Y felicidades a todos los cules!!!PEP QUEDATE; TIENES QUE SER EL “FERGUSON” DEL BARÇA!!!

  15. RE: – A couple weeks ago I updated the plugin that allows post editing within a 5 minute window. Apparently the update introduced a bug. I have downgraded to the previous version, and I think it should work in most cases now. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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  17. OMG I know what you mean – do they have a life. I am more likely to lose out becasue I forget to check or just don't have the time to see if I win anything. You did make me laugh though. I am doing a candy soon – in fact it will be more than one but I feel I haven't done enough recently but you will love the rules for the first one – should make you laugh!!!Congratulations to the winner.Hugs Ali x

  18. – LOVE it Todd!!! You captured some amazing and special moments. How do you manage to be everywhere at once!? I couldn’t have asked for more. You were so easy to work with, in fact you made it FUN, and I am so happy to have had you there to photograph our day not only with your insane artistry but also with your instinct for putting together a beautiful story with all emotions attached.Thank you!

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  22. Fan vad gott med lite nytt blod på på bloggen. Ser fram emot att läsa mer från dig då dina kommentarer i fältet vanligtvis brukar vara av den vassare sorten

  23. I heard a story on NPR today on the same subject – another move Germany made was about 10 years ago they pulled capitalists, labor and gov’t together and drew up plans to keep manufacturing jobs in the country. And it worked. Another reason why wages have done well.

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  26. Très sympa ! Une grande 1ère sauf pour la roulette… J’en ai profité pour apprendre le BJ et le Poker ! J’ai particulièrement apprécié d’apprendre à jouer au Poker.

  27. Una vez realizado el test que proponen, debería inscribirme ya mismo … pero creo que primero voy a tomarme tiempo para leer todo lo que han escrito hasta la fecha 😉

  28. Yes it is possible. Many women and men don’t have symptoms. I think its about 80% don’t have symptoms. Thats why it is important to get your annual exam.

  29. Thanks so much for posting this. The photos and Ricky’s smile warms my heart with cherished memories. My life is better for having had Ricky as my friend. My love and heartfelt prayers to your family. You have all played such a significant role in my growing up years.

  30. Bibliotekaroooo!!! el blog es tu casa y la de todos los que quieran con buena intención entrar, el que entra insultando, atacando, amenazando no es nunca bienvenido, ni se le contesta ni nada, se le elimina y punto. 😉

  31. Hope you are feeling better! The roses are beautiful; thank you for sharing them. Your “Let’s Paint Nature” entries are the highlight of my day. Your work is deeply appreciated as well as your generous nature and talent.

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  36. i always love the styles you are wearing… i'm working in germany in exactly the same environment as you – all scientific [freaks ;)] people, not interested in clothes and styling.do you have a certain reason for wearing skirts under dresses most of the time? 🙂

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  38. I didn’t for a moment doubt that the clip was shot in the US. Didn’t look like Kenya at all. I even started writing this comment to point it out, but then I read that it was deliberate. Now I’m wondering if anybody could think that this parking lot full of newish-looking expensive (i.e. big, fuel-inefficient) cars was Kenya?

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  43. I agree with Dr. Friedman's analysis, but have a follow-up question. Let's assume gov't subsidies of steel in Japan, and displaced US steel employment is absorbed by other industries. The US consumer benefits from lower steel prices. But what happens when the Japanese steel industry, now enjoying decreased US competition, decides to raise price above the previous US level? The consumer is worse off. I suppose that creates opportunities for new competition at lower price points, but I would think the cost of entry into the industry is prohibitive.

  44. The databases and the data visualizaion apps are still accessible without the 'natural language' web UI, in Mathematica. It makes sense they would not give away full-featured, direct access to that for free.

  45. Nydelig bilde, som vanlig.OgsÃ¥ jeg er nesten ferdig med julegavene. Innkjøpt i Chile, Argentina og Brasil; og i Frankrike og Tyrkia. Slik er det Ã¥ være grandpa vagabond. Tenker pÃ¥ mine kjære pÃ¥ mine reiser…PS. Takk for at du fortsetter som vert for Himmelsk.

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  48. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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  52. Oh what lovely lovely goodies!!OH what a stupid stupid teacher!!!! I am amazed that any teacher would be unkind enough to do that…but then again my rotten S-I-L is a teacher so maybe I can ;-)xxx

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  55. Jung Kim;If you are gay just come out and accept your right place in the sun.Why are you trying to mask your own sexuality with insults and denial?I think it stems to the fear of being one which you are already ONE or being labeled “different” than the norm. And things that are different get picked on. Be the real man…uh… I mean be the real gay man.

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  59. Bomber while I don't always agree with your political views, we can agree that this government is very dangerous for the future of NZ. The damage National will do once they win the election (which I am certain they will do given the IMO weak opposition, and bizarrely complicit media) will be both catastrophic and irreversible. The next 3 years are going to be very depressing.

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  62. zegt:Ik blijf het ook geweldig vinden die neon kleurtje en was zo gelukkig dat ik bij de kringloop een hele zak met neon ritsen op de kop tikte….haha, gelukkig houdt niet iedereen van neon

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  64. I know who you are…you are Ragitsu….I responded to you a month ago (see the post above)…and your side (right wingers) hate progress and want to go back to a time in our history where you either were Christian and White or hung by a tree. You right wingers are all the same…you can’t stand facts and rational arguments so you try to con people into believing you through any means necessary (e.g. acting as if you were a liberal in disguise)…libs tend to be smart

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  84. Great post. There is a lot to like about Dragon Age so this is really disappointing. Surely they could have figured out something more respectful and not gone for the cheap laughs. It’s not only nastily transphobic, it’s a tired, unfunny gag.

  85. I love the River Island boots you were wearing in your post. For all of your American readers who can't get River Island in the US, is it possible that you might put some of those boots on eBay like you did with the Mui Mui inspired River Island shoes?!

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  93. Fiona, I love how positive you are and so willing to "tap into abundance together" — that is really lovely! (Sorry you had to redo your comment!)

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  96. Hey – it worked! Did you see where Chirac announced that the “French CNN” news channel is almost on the air? (He evidently thought the French could do a better job than the current CNN) One little issue – guess they have to broadcast in the language understood by the largest number of people in the country — ENGLISH!!!!Even the French can’t think in French anymore.

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  98. These were “westernized” times. The educated evolved classes that once existed in these places have been eliminated, exiled or killed and replaced by true islam with the ok of the west.

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