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    2. Un mio amico ha visto dove "lavorano" i tecnici di Facebook quando è andato alla Silicon Valley un mesetto fa…mentre era là mi disse: non stupirti se a breve funzionerà male perchè questi son qui a far nulla….difatti XD

    3. Best wishes, Dr. James. I hope we get to read your thoughts once again one day. Until then have a wonderful “Coming Home Jubilee”! and good luck with your next endeavour.It’s been an interesting ride.Dawn

    4. Une série géniale !!! j’ai lu les 4 et j’attends le 5 avec une grande impatience.Bien qu’il ne faut pas le lire la nuit… c’est ce que je fais et d’ailleurs c’est dur de poser ce bouquin ! Une fois plongé dedans c’est quasi-impossible d’en sortir !

    5. The Removal Tool is great but also dangerous … what if someonehacks into my sitemaps account and removes my all site from the index.To prevent this, we should automatically receive an EMAIL ALERT when the removal tool is used 🙂

    6. Oh, Miss Sarah! Surely you know that we Americans live in fear and the sidewalk just seems safer, no matter how many pedestrians are run off the sidewalk in the process of protecting ourselves from the dangers of the road.

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    8. ok pretend I don't know how it handles. It would stand to reason the car won't handle as well as a real Ford GT40 as it costs 1/4th the price. There's no way it could possible have the same design and parts. So therefore it wouldn't handle as well

    9. Ce pays m’avais carrément séduite ! J’avais aimé Mascate mais aussi Salalah . J’ai adoré les courses en 4×4 dans le désert , la récolte de l’encens, le panorama de leurs plages… j’ai vu la tombe de Job. Un pays où la rencontre avec les habitants est un réel bonheur ! Bises

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    15. for you in the past 2 weeks and I will continue to keep your family wrapped in prayers as you find your way through this difficult time.Much love, my friend.

    16. In your blog you mention the NYS Sheep and Wool festival held each Oct in Rhinebeck, NY. Don’t forget you always have an open invitation to stay at “Aunt Carol’s B&B”. I am enjoying reading your blogs.

    17. OMG!! You changed your header and everything …wow!!! this is an amazing idea. I am going to get one ready too :).Congratulations Art and wish you a speedy recovery. Hugs and love to Anush and the little one.

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    22. LÃ¥ter som ”bokna” var en god karakteristik!bokna = mer än övermogen, vilket jag alltid har trott var att likställa med rutten, men sÃ¥ är uppenbarligen inte fallet.

    23. Great article – love the colors in the final demo too. One thing, and I might have this backwards, but in the second sentence under A Better Way heading I think you mean: “As opposed to ‘max-width’, ‘min-width’ says ‘apply these styles to all screens that are GREATER than whatever value’.” ?

    24. my favorite comment:“I’m big in Japan.”how on earth is that even the least bit relevant? i think you should all stop being so hateful about a silly request and design a logo! if you don’t like it, stop reading the blog!as a creative in the art community, i’m not offended in the least, zak. keep on keepin’ on!

    25. I look forward to the AGW alarmists’ spin. It’ll provide plenty of humorous blogfodder for those days I can’t think of much else to write about. So they aren’t completely worthless.

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    29. I completely agree with you and live by this principle as much as I can… all your ideas sound great :)) I've also heard conflicting advise re diet… but I guess that whatever you think will help you to feel the best, without stressing you too much or leaving you feeling deprived is the best thing. Lovely to be preparing for this cycle with you and will be cheering you on :)) xoxo

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    31. hmmm…i wonder if we’ll get those in hawaii…a couple weeks ago on my blog i posted picture of my daughter’s candy stash she requested from new zealand, and of course tim tam was right up there! too bad she can’t get their ice cream ;9

    32. k idk about the iphone 5 sound,but my dad has an one x and the speaker is decent,but its very silent,approved by my friends also. i have a pair of beats by dre studios, and i can easily say that theyr overrated,especially in the price. for instance it they can go up to very high volume ,but its not it starts to lose quality at about 85%. not only that,but they also pick up phone signals,so when u start approaching someones phone or u get a sms,you will hear squiky noise on the left speaker.

    33. Halloj Anna! Jättesöt liten soffa. Och ert nya hus är jättefint, ser så charmigt ut! Så spännande med ett nytt hus, ska bli kul att följa dig där :-))Ha en fin dag! Kraaaam Paula

    34. amooooo tus sellos "vestidos de papel" amigaaaaaa ya los he intentado copiar pero ahora que me das mas información veras que aprendoooooo

    35. Agreed. The only thing that I found when looking to buy a house is that being fiscally responsible is for suckers. Meanwhile those that blew their money are getting bailed out. Talk about sending a poor message.

    36. hihi! glad to hear that you are going to finish recording already~! really warm weather nowadays, must take care yah? drink more water and liang teh. hehe. jiayou, hope you will get to finish the recording real soon.

    37. Herlig herlig pute! det er min plan i morgen og.. få opp symaskinene og sy innimellom alt mulig annet. og kanskje..om lille gutten er i riktig humør..blir det en pute på meg og.

    38. I like creating my own , and of course I love all of the above!  I am not sure if I can do the hard push-up in the world yes, but I am going to give it a try.

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    45. , “I’ve never thought about it like that. Thanks.” That’s my issue with many coaches too – they’ve never thought about it. A zigzag drill looks like a great drill, but what habits is it developing? the right ones? Not in my eyes.

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    48. So what about all the components on the bottom of the board??? Sounds stupid but wouldn’t they all drop off when the solder melts? Comment back please cos I’m about to attemt one for the first time.

    49. Ja tenk snart e november over.. helt utruli!Dagan gÃ¥r sÃ¥ alt førr fort, sÃ¥ hÃ¥pe at desember kan roe litt ned, sÃ¥nn at vi fÃ¥r nyte hver en dag som skal telles ne til julaften..Plan min e at fra 1.desember ska vi bare kose oss hver dag me ulike juleaktiviteta.. litt baking Ã¥ kanskje juleverksted me de smÃ¥ :)Skal vært fall nyte hver enda dag! Ã… da skal julemusikken ogsÃ¥ spelles flittig :)Sukk som æ glær mæ ♥♥♥Trine

    50. Ay, princesiña!!! Que alegría lo que me dices!!! Me alegro de que os gustase a todos! Y lo que dices de la salsa es comoletamente cierto. El rollo es preparar los ingredientes, pero luego, van unos detrás de otros y en 5 minutos, lista!! Y tu siempre triunfas porque le añades un par d cucharaditas del ingrediente secreto clave del éxito: el cariño!!! Con ese nunca fallas! Mil bss, linda! Cocotte.

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    59. Je l’avais aussi lu l’autre jour, ce billet mais cette fois, l’adresse est vdans mon carnet comme celle de Daniela. Bien que ce ne soit pas le même quartier, nous pourrons le faire la prochaine fois que j’irai à Paris.

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    62. You two rock! I hope you have lots of tailwinds on your way down the coast. So glad you enjoyed the fresh eggs, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye. We’ll look forward to following your adventures – you’re both so courageous!!!

    63. Never would get those ears on Prince or Luci but they sure look cute on Snowy and Sarah. Hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day and the chocolate. I ate more today than I did yesterday. Guess the huge bear took over the chocolate craze.

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    67. Who would win if Hearne tells Craig Glazer and Brandon Leftridge they have to ‘fight until the last man stands’ for the KCC sports beat?

    68. 8. Wamples. Where else could he play where he’s 1) the Man; 2) the other team has assets that Orlando would take to give up their superstar. Knicks? Wanna be #3 to Amare, Melo? Clippers? Be #2 to Blake? Yes Kobe is an Alpha dog. But what gives you the impression that Dwight is also an Alpha dog? Maybe he’s more of a Gasol, who is better served being a #2 option.

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    70. I agree and that’s unfortunate. I noticed last time I played, there was a HUGE jump going from 2nd match to 3rd match (the big dudge w/ the do-rag) and I just couldn’t keep going on. That was my 1st time playing the game and-so far-last. I might try it again someday tho.

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    80. jajajaja a mi tambien me llamo la malnacida de anita. Llame al numero y te dicen q estan todas las operadoras ocupadas y despues te piden q le dejes tu numero de telefono y donde residis (obvio q le di el numero de un amigo para molestarlo jaja)

    81. 199Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

    82. NYDELIG som alltid:) elsker den hvite, slitte stolen:) og den gule fine radion, tenker du får mange fine stunder der.Ha en fortsatt fin påske:)

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    84. ClearChannel Internet "radio"? I have AT&T U-verse but without the "verse" or any TV service – just DSL, but I don't subscribe to anything they offer. I tried Pandora for half a day and hated it.

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    86. I really need to try that pasta! This restaurant in Omaha we used to go to often called Stoke’s had a southwestern pasta with bacon and avocado…I’m betting that pasta would taste great with something like that

    87. Signed up, Alan. Think you’re doing a fab job! And, regarding ‘Colors Flying’ – I got halfway through the first verse and realised I was singing it! There was a tune that came to mind – not sure what it was, though I think it might have been something Gilbert and Sullivan-ish. Was that deliberate, I wonder? Or just that the metre fitted the tune? Just curious.Susan recently posted..

    88. Rigtig fedt outfit og selv om du ikke syntes at striktrøjen sidder så godt på dig, syntes jeg syadig, at den er meget flot:-)Du har en rigtig god tøjstil!!!

    89. That Scott Brown mock ad was hilarious! Every time I see one of Coakley’s ads, I just think about how it makes Scott look even better to me and erases some of my doubts about him! LOL. Great free advertising for him. Too funny.As to the postemail site. I too use Qwest, so it sounds like they’re on the right track in fixing it!

    90. You could also use Candy Melts in place of the chocolate chips and that way it doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge or freezer. Looks like an awesome recipe though!

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    188. So sorry for your losses. Welcome to Texas! We have been unseasonably warm with lots of humidity so prepare for the frizz. It's so nice to hear kind words about Texas, my lifelong home. We are proud of all things Texan! BTW I think you might be right about the devil! 🙂

    189. such an inspiration for my own baking endeavors. How could you not when she cooks up things like Pecan Pie Cupcakes, Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Pink Velvet Cake Pops, and Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Brownies?!

    190. happy to say i have the list covered, though i’ll take ANY excuse to buy new shoes. my hubby Hates ballet flats. i think they are super adorable, but i try not to wear them when we are hanging out together . i reserve them for shopping with friends…perfect, since they’re easy on and off when trying on nEw shoes!

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    192. Well, Neil, the book’s not quite finished yet but I’d love to a Poetry Cafe reading. I want to go to the reading on Monday but I have a school meeting that’s gobbled my time.

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    197. I design for this company, but I can only design what they ask for, and for some reason, I can’t talk them into things for guys! I’ve tried on favorite recipes for my son, they say no, I’ve also tried for a Grandpa book, but they don’t want to do that either. I think they’re crazy!

    198. My house is haunted too, but it is not a bad spirit(s) at all. Usually you can hear somebody walking, and when you go in that part of the house it is very cold there. Some days it is getting very active, so I do an European trick – leave on the table a glass of water and some food for the night and say that its for them, who is here and they are welcome to live in the house, but if they have to be good and do not scary us. After that for months is quiet and I even miss my ghost(s).

    199. Yes, I’m thinking of putting some tracks on Youtube pretty soon. I just checked out your page as well and am feeling the vibe on some of the tracks you have. Keep it up!

    200. Men oh! Jag suktar ju efter att köpa en vårjacka så jag slipper gå i min gråa missfärgade i år igen xD.Har delat länken på Fb också, Håller tummarna!Kram Nathalié

    201. What awesome pictures these are! He is so beautiful when he’s sleeping but it was wonderful that he decided to open his eyes to show us all his bright BIG eyes!! Love them all and love you all so much. Grandma

    202. Honestly…what an incredible day! The sun was shining perfectly and Leeanne and Jacob looked magical. Joy you are a true talent! You captured the love and joy in everyones hearts that day! xo

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    204. Jag längtar så sjukt mycket efter boken! snälla kan det inte bli mars snart.. Får man fråga om du har fler projekt på gång Henrik? Du skriver så fruktansvärt bra böcker, hoppas verkligen man får lära känna lite fler sköna karaktärer framöver!

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    207. Wow Carlos. How simple! I love that Eddy focused on what was really important — God’s love, God’s salvation for man. Thank you for sharing that. What a powerful reminder of a wonderful truth — God’s love for each of us saves us in whatever way we need.  |  

    208. I think the one I tried when I was in Belgium was a Brussels style, but I’m not positive. Either way, it was quite large and far too buttery for me. My dad makes waffles, though, which aren’t super sweet or anything, and definitely want to be topped, but as far as I’m concerned, all they really need is a good blop of maple syrup. Mmmmm.

    209. Woah there girl! Are you trying to kill me again? That suit is stupendously gorgeous, but with the tights and shoes, it's off the Richter scale amazing. Maybe Stephen is in sympathy for Helga's Boris? Hope your boys are back on their paws soon:) xoxo

    210. oh wow! i did the exact same polka dotted design on the previous cake slice bakers cake! yours look amazing by comparison!and gawd.. sounds lovely..

    211. Waow, det ser godt ud – og den med Marykate og Ashley.. ja sÃ¥dan er det jo, for de er virkelig nogle fantastisk kønne tøser! Synes den frisure klær’ dig rigtig meget og det med pandehÃ¥ret lyder spændende og videoer fra dig er altid hyggelige, sÃ¥ hvis du har tid til en video – jotak!♥♥ – Malene.

    212. Pourriez-vous me dire dans quels magasins on peut trouver, le dentifrice +brosse à dents+fil dentaire? J’habite Verviers , et depuis un mois je regarde dans différents magasins : delhaize ensival ad Battice,carrefour Heusy, colruyt ensival et toujours rien trouvé…???Peut-on cumuler les 3 achats? Merci de votre réponse et bravo a « Je suis malin ». Isa

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    216. ooooh yellowy green gorgeouness. I am dribbling over this card, i absolutely love it. Your layout is beautiful and the colours are wonderful. Thanks for joining us at Fab and Funky this weekLindsPs how's the back?

    217. Hi great blog, I do live in the UK and since giving up football due to a knee injury I have put on weight… and was looking for a diet where I know I would like the food. Good touch “occasional indulgence is fine”, there are some things I would miss too much as well. Thanks for the ideas.

    218. / This is a good blog formula post, not as in depth as others I have seen but still valid. You have no links to the “post type articles” that you mention at the end of the post. OK if people are reading it directly after launch but not great for someone viewing months after the posting date.

    219. I LOVE this idea and will have to give it a try!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Looks very easy but tasty and like your house, my kids can be fussy too…

    220. nelly Bonjour, je ne sais pas pourquoi les homme ne restent pas avec moi… et pourtant ils se donnent du mal pour être avec moi, mais cela ne dur pas. Pouvez vous m’aider a comprendre les hommes… 0  1

    221. It’s becoming increasingly clear that usability testing is expensive and provides questionable data. Is AB testing the future? Cheap, accurate, easy to set up… and no experimenter effect. That’s a good debate to be had right there.

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    228. Love that Rob and Kristen are color-coordinated. Yes, you can tell who the couple in this picture. Even on stage, she kept near Rob. Body language, baby!

    229. Try watching gymnastics online. They run 30 seconds of ads after every routine. For the women’s uneven bars, that meant you got to see the 15 second routine, then missed all the slow motion replay. At one point they jumped to the ads only seconds before a score was to be announced. When they came back it was already on the next girl’s routine.

    230. I would love a chance to read ‘Sweet Evil’ my Missy Higgins. I would recommend reading ‘Nolander’ by Becca Mills. It’s a self-pub that has won a bit of notice. It was one of my top reads last year, because it is very different, creepy, and imaginative, with amazing world-building. Oh, and it is definitely an NA read- not for YA! Thanks!

    231. – Mar & Ed – we absolutely *love* how these photos turned out! Thank you both for making it such an enjoyable and memorable experience for us. You’ve truly captured the spirit of our family.Best regards, CindySeptember 2, 2010 – 9:47 am

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    233. Ruth did my son’s senior pictures last Fall. I am so glad that we found her! She did an excellent job. She is very professional and takes her time trying to find the best background and position for each shot. She was born with an eye for photography! There is no doubt that anyone that uses Photography by Ruth will be beyond pleased with the results. Thanks Ruth for doing such a great job! We love the pictures!

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    242. Is it just me, or does that otter look like he’s showing his mates exactly how he felt on the occasion of seeing a comely, bosomy, lady otter? I mean, the paws look like they’re prepared to squeeze otter bosoms and then make a honking noise with his mouth.

    243. Le premier film avec une campagne anti tabac ^^ …Lucifer est bien stylé aussi (interprété par le chanteur A PERFECT CIRCLE qui joue un morceau dans la B.O., groupe de rock que j’adule au passage)Je vous le conseille aussi!

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    245. I would have done the same too had I had a girl. Why, I had taught the boys some safety stuff to protect themselves when they were younger. Like being befriended by unsavoury characters. And as you have rightly pointed out the world is not safe for boys either. So the things you might teach them to keep themselves safe might differ, but the concern is the same. As long as you don’t add the line, ‘that is not how girls behave,’ which mothers of my generation admonished their daughters with, it is fine. Hugs.

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    249. Made these last night. My 6-year old (who I don’t have fully paleo) ate two. My three-year old gave me a dirty look and picked out all the apples. She’s pretty much a pain. I brought them into work and fed them to my co-workers and they were gone within five minutes! So yummy and super easy! Juli, you are awesome.

    250. i think its somthing that happends in their life that make people gay/lesban. there is no way its b/c they were born that way! if it was then the bible wont be against itNew England Journal of Medicine

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    252. “I’m not scared of telling someone how you feel, its the reaction I worried about.” saya tidak mahu kehilangan dya.. saya takut kalo saya terus terang dengan dya, saya akan kehilangan dya selamanya.. biarlah kami hanya kenalan.. terima kasih atas nasihat awak.. sy bukan lg budak2, saya sudah 23 tahun.. dya terlalu istimewa dan bukan seperti gadis2 yg lain..Hot debate. What do you think? 7  7

    253. What’s really funny is that this is how Obama wants this relationship portrayed, perhaps not this gratuitously, but politically he has to be seen as “taking it” from Bibi – at least thats why I laughed

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    256. Well, I guess Mr James needs to make enough money to support his 5 kids…. 'cos, you know, he simply cannot conceive how anyone in the world would even consider having less children. Frankly, the fact that his cheeses are not great does not surprise me- and in fact, pleases me.

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    259. Dr, além de ter jogado 6 jogos e poder terminar em 5° lugar, podemos fechar o 2° Turno coma melhor campanha, já que o Fluminense fez 34 pontos e o Timão fez 32 pontos nesse 2° Turno… Outra coisa, se o City for eliminado quarta da Liga, o Timão poderia ir atrás do Carlitos, não seria uma boa?

    260. One word: Reciprocity.European Muslims and just plain Muslims in general must be made to understand this one simple concept. If their mosques receive the same treatment that they deliver to Christian churches, then maybe they’ll begin to show some respect. If not, I see little downside to fewer mosques.

    261. I’m glad the letter carriers are chiming in. Because, they’re answering a question I’ve always wanted to ask them, but never did, since I assumed I already knew the answer. The question was: Don’t letter carriers detest being weighed down by all that junk mail, which they’re delivering to thousands (millions?) of people who don’t even want that kind of mail?I assumed their answer would be “Yes, definitely.”Boy, was that assumption off by a mile!

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    266. I agree Michele. There are loads of people who offer free advice and do not expect anything in return. IF you cared about improving people’s health, rather than $$$, wouldn’t you do the same?  And Harley, that email you just posted dated back from feb 2009. I didn’t start 811 until June 2009, on my birthday. Fail.

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    272. Hey, really interesting blog!, btw, though I am uploading old posts from ancient blogs so you may need to ignore me for a bit until that’s sorted out. I’ll be sure to check back and see more of your wicked science!

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    276. Someone needs to find out who has access to these records. Of course whoever it is will say the files were hacked from the outside and that may be true. So good luck finding the culprit or culprits.So are people being paid off to do this or are these people so morally corrupt they are willing to flush America away in the name of Obama and power over the people like the Nazi's?

    277. Marie Leonard РTina, the pictures are beyond lovely and your comments brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for capturing such sweet images of my daughter Taylor and her fianc̩ Charles.

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