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On Sonnen

Sonnen is redundant, pedantic, old & mannerless! True he is a great practitioner! However, John Bones Jones has it all, balance, youth, reach, speed, power & a great personality. Chael is attempting to act like a bleached out version of Mohammed Ali. He should try to act more like the gifted fighter & educated person he is. Chael will fall in round 3 or sooner.

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Kathleen Hefner DVM comparers the effects of high-fat diets vs. high-carbohydrate diets. Claiming blood glucose fluctuations  are reduced in high fat diets fed to Canids. In addition, decreases the severity of cancer cachexia. Hefner goes onto write…. a higher fat diet is beneficial to both active & inactive dogs. She claims dogs metabolize fat the way humans metabolize carbs.

Another article called “FAT IS WHERE ITS AT” by Watson, She writes about the stabilization in body temp in dogs on higher fat diets. This  can be a real advantage in reducing bad stresses, the author claims!

The fat content in our food is 21%, This being one of the highest in our industry.

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The trend over the last 20 years has been to acquire aggressive breeds as pets. The pursuit of dangerous dogs, especially in the  male gender can be double trouble. Frequently the male specimen requires more of everything, with one exception. As the essay advances I will expose this all important exception.

A dominant breed, in a family setting is a tricky proposition. A female dog would generally be more affectionate, eager to please & more malleable. Today, however, this is rarely the trend. Most macho puppy buyers crave the big male head, the heavy Carpal Joints with high arches & the increased body weight.

I have chosen to avoid breed specific issues or the profiling of dog owners. After all, we know the breeds & we know the instant gratification issues of many animal owners.  Many of us, it seems don’t realize the consequences for choosing the wrong breed & gender in the new dog. Here is a good rule of thumb, If you buy a a pup from a quality breeder for $2,500,00 expect to invest a similar dollar amount for training.  It is important to note, after the dog is well trained you & your family should rehearse what you & the dog have learned.If you do not you have wasted a large part of your investment !

Now to return to my one exception. Generally, inexperienced dog people want that big male macho dog to share the couch, after all, he is a member of the family. The crate seems cruel as does the prong collar & E Collar. Why not give him the run of the house? Eventually, your puppy charms his way into your bedroom & gradually your bed.Why not, its a large bed ?

A year has passed, your cute puppy is over 100 pounds. Your house is in disarray & so is your life. Your precious puppy frequently growls at you & your wife. This occurring while sleeping with you on your king size bed, on your designer sheets & under your once nice comforter. Your wife no longer wants the dog. After all, he destroyed the designer sheets the  comforters etc. The kids love the dog but no longer have time for the dog, with computer games & such, its understandable!Your Home Owners insurance is being cancelled because your100 # puppy jumped on an elderly lady & you are being sued. It seems as if your neighbors don’t visit as much. In fact they avoid saying hello.

What went wrong ? Simply everything! The puppy became a teenager, with out the proper boundaries & limitations.(Cesar Milan, frequently talks about this situation & his advice is quite accurate) If you have never seen his show; I think you will enjoy it !

I will add an axiom of my own. Most dogs, but especially assertive working dogs must live in a sub egalitarian environment. Most large powerful dogs must be cautiously dominated first & loved second.The dog must earn the masters love. That is precisely why a dogs owner is called the master. When dealing with dangerous dogs the animal must never loose sight of his subservience.

This is natures dictum and it applies to several other earth born species. They are referred to as herds, prides, schools, pods & packs etc. Most of these formations have a single dominant ruler.

I believe the average dog is capable of  turning feral in 6 to 8 weeks. In theory, perhaps we need to reconsider the term domestic dog.

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Well, I guess we will have to live with a dog that won’t out. We haven’t gotten Buff to out or take a leg hold. The leg bite issue may be in part to the over all diameter of this particular suit. He did take a tricep hold on the decoy for the first time. Best of all Dexter the Corso at 7 months engaged the sleeve while on the mill. Special thanks to the decoy Mike Graziosi.

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Mandy a German Hunting Terrier, the belly sister to Wooly Bully, died last week. We believe she was over 17 years old. She was an exemplary hunter of varmints. She dispatched

a Fisher Cat up in Maine. This event made the local news paper. Adding to her existing celebrity.

She will be mourned by Marie, Christina, Jennifer & Frank Genovese III.

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In the lower half of the United States, the Cur Hunting Dogs are quite popular. A hound like, athletic breed, best  known for hunting small game & keeping burglars at bay.

It is my belief, they carry the genes of several breeds. Hounds & Bull dog variants being most prevalent.

Recently, in Suffolk County L.I. a Cur bitch named Cyrah was struck by a vehicle. Sadly, Cyrah was killed in the accident. She was owned by Mike Stafford & loved by many. She leaves behind several pure bred pups. Hopefully, Cyrah’s geno-type will continue.

I am told Cyrah was only about 24 months old. Frequently, high drive dogs do not get old! Falling prey to their own courage & spirit. This is a concern with Buff, my own personal dog. He too is spirited, requiring the keenest supervision. I often say, “The last act every good dog does is break your heart.”

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In the month of March 2009, Bruce Schrom’s American Bull Dog “Drex” earned a Schutzhund 1 designation. In addition, Bruce recently completed a productive hog hunt with both Drex & his belly brother. Both dogs performing like seasoned  hunting dogs. Congratulations.

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About ten years ago the Folks from Stangos Restaurant acquired a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Lilly. I have had my hands on dogs for over 70 years. Never have I seen or touched a pup as cute as Lilly. Her high gloss black coat, big male head & cold nose were therapeutic. All this accompanied by a symphony of delicious snorts & grunts. Lilly leaves behind too many broken hearts to mention. One thing for certain, Lilly went where the good ones go.

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Earlier in the week, Tony George’s wife May prepared some Dumplings for me. Truly, world class! It was enough for two big meals.Yesterday, Liz Cossman gave me a nice print of a sled dog taken from an old Alaskan poster. Liz is also giving me another poster with a Dobie kissing an exhausted fireman. The actual photo will put mist in your eyes. Liz has asked us to help her find a rescue dog.I have begun to spread the word! This morning Craig Bonn, gave me a gift of a bottle of red wine. As part of the label my image is backed by the American flag. It is inscribed, ” A hearty red wine designed to promote Patriotism & Freedom” It’s cork is capped by a 12 guage Remington shot gun shell.

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Conditioning the German Shepherd Dog, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

This essay is not designed to give the reader all the knowledge required to mill or condition dogs. Since I too am a student, such a challenge would be difficult or impossible to accomplish. The true masters of milling/conditioning would best accomplish a task of this magnitude.

My intentions are to (merely) touch upon the pros and cons of various K9 body types and how the differences apply to milling and sport. In addition, I hope the text that follows will motivate the student into using a Gravity Slat Mill and (perhaps) competing in a canine sport.

My personal definition of physical fitness is “The ability of man or beast to recover from hard work.” I feel in the area of recovery, the Gravity Slat Mill is far and away the first choice of serious dog people.

Within the science of conditioning, over-use is one of the primary ways to harm an athlete. To avoid over-use/injury problems, milling angles should be rotated. Issues of momentum, resistance and velocity should be varied as well as time durations. Rubbing your dog before and after exercise may also reduce potential injuries. In addition, the K-9 athlete should be encouraged to run forward and backwards. Running backwards is an advanced exercise. It is something I have developed over many years conditioning. It is especially effective for police dogs, or dogs doing serious protection / bite work. Reverse or backward milling builds an improved foundation for hard shaking. It stimulates most of the muscles of the spine including the cervical vertebrae and rear quarter. The abbreviated name for this discipline is the G&P. Once again the reverse movement or G&P is an advanced exercise and should not be used in the early stages of millwork. Should we decide to do a conditioning video, the G&P will be addressed at length.

The strategy of isolating the mill angles, the velocities, and the directions, will benefit all the muscle bellies germane to driving, drafting, grappling and running. In addition, a variety of internal organs will be stimulated (by milling) and they too will benefit.

We will spend several paragraphs examining body types and how these types impact sport and conditioning. Let us begin on a cellular level. A larger GSD has more cells to support and as a result more cells to feed. While the smaller

competition dog has fewer cells to feed and may have a better ratio of muscle to bone than a larger competition dog. Perhaps this ratio provides for rapid recovery in favor of the smaller athlete. Generally larger dogs need to get to the point where they can be pushed longer and harder. In reaching a higher recovery level they can better compete against the more streamlined types. With skill and hard work the larger dog’s stamina level will approach that of smaller dogs. The Gravity Slat Mill (when used properly) may prove instrumental in closing the recovery gap!

Another significant conditioning obstacle is running hot or over – heating. The reason dogs over – heat (once again) goes back to the number of cells. Each cell in the dog’s body combines oxygen and sugar, which is converted into heat. Simply put, the more cells the more heat! Consider this, the oral cavity is the primary cooling mechanism the dog has. In the case of bigger dogs their cooling limitations and cellular handicap are quite a conditioning challenge. Proof of this is highly visible in the hunting sports where dogs are capable of running 50 to 100 miles in one day.

Even in a cerebral sport like Schutzhund, physical recovery time is still an issue. Frequently the smaller less impressive GSD has the best scores. To the untrained eye these rather non – descript competitors are regarded as unimpressive. The Schutzhund competitor should realize an unfit dog maybe a less focused dog. Perhaps body mass and heavy bone maybe over-rated and possibly contributes to slower recovery as well a lack of focus. The historic success of the Dutch Shepherd And Belgian Malinois suggest more substance generally equals less performance. I am of the opinion, “Quicker recovery time appears to enhance focus.” A Slatted Gravity Mill maybe one of the better tools to acquire faster recovery time.

When milling a dog occasional sponging of the mouth, under belly and the dog’s butt area will help keep the dog from running hot. As I have mentioned in previous essays remember to read the dog’s oral cavity. Rectal temperatures are another good method to guarantee a dog is not over-heating. Two other concerns are the athlete’s nails and pads. Make certain the nails are short and pads are healthy and thick.

In closing, every healthy dog needs a job or some form of work. Sport provides a sense of purpose, enhancing and stimulating the dogs mind and body. In my opinion, the quintessential life for a dog consists of your affection, proper diet, and challenging work.

Some final thoughts, remember less mill time is always safer than too much mill time. Running the mill often times becomes a social event for the dogs and their owners. As a result time passes quickly. You must watch the clock as well as your dog. Remember to rub your dog before and after work. Rubbing makes the mill a pleasurable experience and is important for bonding. Never rely on the mill as a complete or total fitness solution. It is best not to leave a dog on a mill without supervision. When the dogs work is completed, always lower the dog gently to the ground. Allow the dog to drink some water, not too much! Take the dog for a cool – down walk. Provide the dog with more water.

One should never forget to nourish the dogs mind and spirit. With each challenge or obstacle facing your dog, include a generous dose of verbal anesthesia.

Martins K9 Formula offers three milling titles. For training or titling information, you may call us at 516-671-9600.