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2008 New Mill Designs

MK9 is developing a new custom line of  tread mills. This line will be called the “MAN OR BEAST MILLING SYSTEM”. Some of the upgrade features are 16 inch  rubber  belts covered by heavy duty slats as opposed to two – four inch traditional belting. A unique elevation system will allow the angle of  the mill to escalate as well as decline. A front braking system with a damper control will add strength in addition to the traditional endurance advantage a tread mill offers. The 16 inch rubber belt is easily removed for cleaning & maintenance.

For decoy work, the mill action will be extended several inches fore & aft creating a superior platform. This will enable the helper to target the bite more accurately, regardless of the direction of the dog’s strike. The decoy will be able to do frontal & rear agitations with enhanced visibility. Changing of the dogs direction of attack will also add to the dog’s total cardio.

MK9 will also rebuild existing mill actions. This would include belts, slats & hardware…. or simply  trade up & get a more efficient mill !!!

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Pad injuries are frequent and when serious, heal slowly. Frequently dogs may become very defensive when a pad is injured; often to the point of aggression. Many pad injuries are avoidable.

Our clients dogs do a serious amount of running, pulling and jumping. the result may be pad injuries. We have sold a variety of products to avoid this. However, we were not completely satisfied with the protection afforded.

The ingredients in the MK9 product are the result of consultations with a certified herbalist as well as our pharmacist. The Mk9 Pad Protector,. has an organic designation. The ingrdients are as follows:Calendula, Comfrey, St. Johns Wort,Echinacea,Arnica, Olive & Almond Oil plus other essential oils. The wt. is .75 oz. which should last about 2 years.The MK9 Pad protector is a perfect item to add to a k9 first aid kit.  This product may work well with a variety of other skin injuries. Our price is $18.00 plus freight.

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MK9 Dry Skin Protocol

The following suggestions may help:

1) Frequent bathing & moist cloth grooming with Eclipta or Aloe etc. Apply against the grain.
2)Increase outdoor time…Sunshine is important.
3) Keep dog in rooms that have a humidifier & Hepa-filter
4) Reduce temperature in house
5) Try to avoid anti histamines & steroids
6) Reduce stress with play and exercise
7) Try the higher fat diets
8) Feed as much variety as possible
9) Omega 3 supplemenation (preferaby no fish oils)
10) Feed a variety of fruits and vegetables
11) Bottled water or filterd water may also help.

A dog’s skin is contstantly shedding and renewing tissue.Be certain your dog has a legitimate dry skin issue. In the case of some dogs the skin renewal process may be more productive but sill normal. Keep in mind some scratching is normal. However, excessive biting and scratching may be caused by fleas or other external parasites. Compulsive – ritual type behavior on the part of the dog as well as the owner may sometimes be part of the problem.

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Joseph Von Knapp Agrees!

Shortly after the essay on the Frenchies was completed, Joe called to say hello. I told him about my experiences avec Les Bull Dogs de Francais.(an attempt at broken French) It appears Joe a celebrated dog trainer once did bite work with a French Bull Dog. He too was surprised & pleased.

Two other small breeds I am fond of are the Boston Terrier. The second being the Tekel or Miniature Daschund. Having  crossed many dogs over the years It is hard to imagine a more difficult genetic accomplisment! Based on geometry, function and raw courage the Tekel is the greatest dog the Germans have ever bred.This comment is based on the German breeds I have seen. (In my view)

The Tekel’s genetic stamp is so deep, regardless of where the dog originated from they will hunt & eagerly dispatch game. I have seen Tekels purchased in pet shops perform with great confidence & courage.

More on the Boston Terrier in the future.

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2007 Independent Dry Food Analysis

Martin’s routinely submits it’s products for independent Lab. analysis. This is to insure labeling accuracy.

The following is a recent independent lab report:

Midwest Laboratories Inc. 13611 “B” street, Omaha Nebraska 68144  Tel. (402) 334 9121

samples 4-27-2007/ received 5-07-07 lab.# 9277309  sample ID 09-13639


Moisture 6.40%  Dry matter  93.60%   Crude protein 23.2%   Fat 22%  fiber 4.06%

Phosphorus 1.46%  Potassium .78%  Magnesium .181%  Calcium 2.40%   Sodium .43%

Iron (ppm) 133  Manganese (ppm) 106  Copper (ppm) 28  Zinc (ppm) 213

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Have Fun…Keep it Simple!

When it comes to feeding dogs why do some people make it so difficult? I started feeding my own dogs after WW11 and nothing has changed, not a thing! Cooked or raw, all wholesome foods work well. If you are looking for “Complete and Balanced” let me know if you find it.

Every dry food is allegedly Complete and Balanced . Some are much better than others but yet they are all complete and balanced. As long as twenty five years ago, all dry foods were complete and balanced yet most have been modified several times. I guess the doctors of nutrition think consumers fell off a Turnip truck.
In spite of the countless ingredient changes, both adding and subtracting components, all dry foods were & are Complete and Balanced. Do you find this perplexing? If the food was initially Complete & Balanced perhaps after the improvement it should be referred to as much more Complete & Balanced.

Now to move on to raw feeding. In 1993 Ian Billinhurst wrote Give Your Dog A Bone. Much can be learned from this book. I feel great admiration when a veterinarian or anyone goes against convention. However, the book contains some poorly thought out feeding strategies. Issues like k9 constipation, wounds in the oral cavity and weight loss are frequently caused by the barf ideology. The over use of Chicken…..not exactly a species appropriate food for a canid. However, the books ultimate error is on page 19. Dr. Billinghurst lists many reasons not to cook a dogs food. He claims enzymes are destroyed by cooking. Vitamins, minerals & proteins are destroyed by cooking. (I guess we humans may want to start chewing on raw offal). These Barf notions do not hold up to historical scrutiny. People as well as their dogs have lived to ripe old ages on cooked food. The big picture separates the Barf hype from the gospel.

First & foremost, I would ask Dr. Billinghurst what is the first responsibility of food? Perhaps his answer would be calories. Which I would agree with. I would then ask Dr. Billinghurst does raw food have the calories of cooked? The answer should be absolutely not. Cooked food is considerably higher in calories and as a result is a more important vehicle in supporting life. In truth, you & your kennel may feed all the vitamins, minerals & enzymes you desire but without adequate calories both you and your dogs will die.
The prisoners at the infamous French Penal colony known as Devil’s Island were kept on a diet predicated on calories. Prisoners survived decades on bread and water, some survived & lived to be eventually released. This is an extreme example! However, in my view all diets should be predicated on calories before other issues are addressed.

Often times we get  telephone calls or visits from people owning dogs that are drawn very fine. Frequently on Billinghurst type diets. In all fairness to Dr. Billinghurst, this is not always the fault of the diet. Sometimes people are less than coachable and sometimes it is a lack of calories. This is where a good high calorie dry dog food shines. Especially when the dry matter dog food is integrated with cooked vegetables and raw tripe or other uncooked or cooked meats.

Keep it simple & have fun feeding your dogs !!!

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Hail Cesar

First & foremost, Cesar Milan is a solid problem solver. If a dog has a complex behavioral problem he is the Perito Hombre. His extroverted personality and happy face make for a pleasant trainning experience.

We at MK9 want to thank Cesar Milan for helping all breeds of dogs and for  having the courage to take unpopular positions. Cesar Milan has a wonderful show! He will make you laugh & smile !

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Free Ranging Pups

I have mentioned to Joseph Von Knapp & Tracy Halpern & other respected trainers that I would be willing to pay considerably more for a pup or grown dog if it was never confined (or free ranged) and fed a proper meat & vegetable diet.

Page 63 of the national best seller Merle’s Door by T. Kerasote talks about the advantages of free ranging. Kerasote’s book implies that free ranging may reduce neurotic tendencies. In addition, problem solving is more prevalent in a free ranging environment. The result may be larger brain size along with a better sense of smell and hearing. My personal experience is more confident dogs with greater size and more pronounced motor skills.

The price you pay when you free range is you may loose pups to a variety of dangers. However, the end result are better made, smarter and more confident survivors. I feel free ranging is a risk worth taking.

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Ethics & PETA

I watched a portion of a TV show that dealt with the Peta organization. Two Peta employees arrive @ a man’s home. They tell him they would like to inspect his dog. The dog is kept on a chain out doors. He is a young dog, thin but active, clean, alert and friendly. The inspectors examine the dog primarily by looking @ his gums. They diagnose Whip Worms, in addition to malnutrition. They offered to take the dog back to PETA and treat the dog free of any charge. Returning the dog as soon as he was well. The man appeared to be of modest means and lacking in confidence. He quietly agrees with the terms of the offer.

The dog submits eagerly to a truck ride. Snuggling up to one of the PETA employees. He searches for a comfortable shoulder to rest his big white noggin, he appears ready for a nap. Upon arriving @ PETA alleged blood work is completed. The owner of the dog is told his dog is dying and the humane thing would be to euthanitize the dog. The owner allegedly agrees. I write allegedly because I only heard the PETA side of the conversation The innocent dog is killed. I suspect his body is sold to a rendering facility.

It would appear the PETA Organization finds killing more convenient than healing.

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Energol Revisited

The following are claims American Feed Control Officials (AFCO) have allowed us to put on our Energol labeling. May improved recovery time, resulting from improved heart & liver function. Canine sperm contains omega 3 fatty acids. Energol may thicken & give coats a vibrant shine. Energol contains Kelp & Nori & are adequate suppliers of Iodine & other minerals.

In addition to the nutritional value of omega 3 fatty acids, Energol contains Stabalized Rice Bran which contains Gamma Oryzanol which may have a positive effect on LDl cholesterol in humans. It is claimed to be a perfect food fighting many cancers & augmenting longevity.

B6 & zinc make the omega 3 presence more effective.When feeding raw bones, Flax Meal with an adequate percentage of Omega 3 fatty acids may promote ideal laxation & stool transit time. Flax has a potent anti oxidant called lignans which are an excellent natural preservative. Lignans approach the strength of bha & bht but are not suspect. Energol also contains boron which is known to be a bone builder.

All claims & or assertions are predicated on scientific abstracts & interviiews with qualified experts.

A Quote: “Many animal owners are oil happy. Well, you may be doing your animal more harm than good.

Feeding that extra oil may coat the intestinal lining and prevent uptake of water soluble vitamins & essential minerals, particularly calcium & phosphorous. – limping, loss of bone structure & apparent pain – even though they were receiving extra calcium.The oil was blocking calcium absorption.” Alfred J. Plechner, DVM……Dr. Plechner specializes in allergy. He has many Hollywood people as clients. The name of his book is Pet Allergies. See pg. 46 for the quote.

“Perhaps nutrient absorption problems are the reason for Europeans mixing oil with vinegar”  MJL

The Energol product with it’s ground flax eliminates the risk of mal absorption that may be caused by fish oils, olive oils etc.