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We’ve been providing high performance food, supplements, and nutritional products to the
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Who We Are

Martin’s K-9 Formula, manufactures super premium dog food. We specialize in basic and advanced keeps. We also specialize in conditioning problems. The manufacturing path we have taken is one of simplicity. Canines come first! Profits second!

What We Do

A good product begins with top shelf raw materials. Nutritional percentages mean nothing if the raw materials are inferior. The manufacturing facility should be clean and orderly. Proper food handling, pest control and sanitation are the first responsibility of the manufacturer. Sanitation and pest control management are just as important as components on an ingredient list. Our marketing ideology is simple: We feed Sport Dogs. Sport Dogs are our passion. IE: Schutzhund, Ring Sport, various types of Hunting, Herding, Coursing and Sled Dogs. The formula works quite well with less active dogs, providing the appropriate kilocaloric adjustments are made. To better address the growing orthopedic and allergy concerns, we have slowly made carbohydrate and protein changes to adapt to these health considerations. We are quite comfortable with this new strategy and the results continue to be impressive. If you are seeking the academic evidence that prompted these changes feel free to contact us. Our product embraces most of the natural rearing disciplines. We refer to our position as a modified natural rearing philosophy. We endorse feeding meat! We also feel protein parameters should not exceed meat and dairy product percentages (about 20%). We encourage the integration of dry product and flesh foods. Martin’s K-9 Formula dog food has none of the following products added: Ethoxiquin, byproducts, BHA, BHT, beet pulp, corn bran, animal digest, or Sodium Bentonite (which is brick dust). Our product is cooked slowly and at a lower temperature for superior starch conversion and overall higher nutritional values. First Ingredient, Meat & Bone Meal, derived from a Bovine source. *No Companion Animals are used in any of our products.

Why We Do It

At Martin’s K-9 Formula animals are not commodities. Our mandate becomes clearly evident when one examines product value versus price. It is this ratio that has given us paradigm status. Martin’s has captured a significant share of the sporting dog market. In addition, we have garnered considerable business from nonsporting dogs. Many people owning dogs that are more sedentary, have come to realize the benefits in feeding a superior ration. Both sporting and non-sporting dogs reap the benefits of our modified natural rearing method. The method integrates the advantages of feeding green tripe and other flesh products with our dry ration. The Martin’s ideology addresses vaccination and the notion of complete and balanced dry matter feeds. Martin’s K-9 Formula, will continue to assume a nutritional advantage by promulgating the teachings of Juliette De Bairacli Levy, Jarvis, MD and Whitney, DVM.

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